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PHP 7.2+ incorporates Sodium, enabling relatively simple, extremely secure data exchanges.
Sodium is an advanced software library for encryption, digital signature, and password hashing.
It is extremely secure, espcially if data is encrypted on the local device prior to transmission.

The symmetrical example below generates encrypted text, an encryption key, and a nonce.
The associated data doesn't get encrypted but is required for authentication and decryption.

Sodium also provides low-code asymmetrical Public-Key Encryption methods.

$aliceKeypair = sodium_crypto_box_keypair();
$alicePublicKey = sodium_crypto_box_publickey($aliceKeypair);
$aliceSecretKey = sodium_crypto_box_secretkey($aliceKeypair);

$bobKeypair = sodium_crypto_box_keypair();
$bobPublicKey = sodium_crypto_box_publickey($bobKeypair);
$bobSecretKey = sodium_crypto_box_secretkey($bobKeypair);

$msg = 'Hi Bob, this is Alice!';
$nonce = random_bytes(SODIUM_CRYPTO_BOX_NONCEBYTES);

$keyEncrypt = $aliceSecretKey . $bobPublicKey;
$ciphertext = sodium_crypto_box($msg, $nonce, $keyEncrypt);

$keyDecrypt = $bobSecretKey . $alicePublicKey;
$plaintext = sodium_crypto_box_open($ciphertext, $nonce, $keyDecrypt);