SQL KPI Query Examples
  Distinct Products  
  Total Products  
  Average Price  
  Total Value  
  Example Key Performance Indicators  
  Average annual sales per customer  
  Average conversion time  
  Average cost per lead  
  Average monthly sales per customer  
  Average new deal size or duration  
  Average order value  
  Average profit margin  
  Average purchase value  
  Average time on page  
  Budget variance  
  Click-through rate on pages  
  Conversion rate for call-to-action content  
  Conversion rate for social media leads  
  Cost of managing business  
  Cost per conversion  
  Cost per lead generated  
  Current accounts payable  
  Current accounts receivable  
  Debt to equity ratio  
  Lead-to-sale conversion rate  
  Monthly calls per sales rep  
  Monthly new leads per sales rep  
  Monthly sales  
  Monthly sales - existing customers  
  Monthly sales - new customers  
  Monthly sales bookings  
  Monthly sales growth  
  Monthly website traffic  
  Net profit margin  
  Number of accounts per account manager  
  Number of conversions from social media  
  Number of leads from social media  
  Number of Monthly Demo Calls  
  Number of Monthly Onboarding Calls  
  Number of monthly orders  
  Number of monthly quotes  
  Number of qualified leads  
  Operating cash flow  
  Pages per visit  
  Percentage of sales from existing customers  
  Product Performance  
  Qualified leads per month  
  Quote To Close Ratio  
  Retention rate  
  Return on equity  
  Sales by contact method  
  Sales by lead source  
  Sales opportunities  
  Sales per sales rep  
  Sales quota attainment by sales reps  
  Sales target  
  Shopping cart abandonment rate  
  Social media ROI  
  Traffic from organic search  
  Value of returned goods  
  Working capital