Claris FileMaker database files can merge user-supplied variables into calculated parameters for queries that use PHP to interact with SQL databases or REST APIs. FileMaker additionally provides advanced scripting and automation controls, ideal for building custom control interfaces or utilities that can be hosted on FileMaker servers and accessed using FileMaker or WebDirect forms, with data optionally made available via the FileMaker API.


PHPRunner is a PHP code generator that builds HTML interfaces for SQL databases or REST APIs, enabling users with standard web browsers to securely log in, search, edit, delete, add, import, or export data stored in MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre, DB2 databases or APIs. PHPRunner interfaces are securable using encrypted passwords, multi-level user permissions, multi-factor authentication, and field-level change audit controls.


Adobe Acrobat PDF forms provide very adaptable programmable interfaces that can be used, shared, or deployed as data calculation and interaction runtimes. Acrobat forms can utilize JavaScript to add interactivity, making it possible to dynamically calculate, validate, format, and post query parameters to PHP scripts that execute queries on databases or APIs and return the filtered query results back to designated form fields in real time.

FileMaker, PHPRunner, and Acrobat forms can all use PHP technolgies

  • PHP is a general-purpose server programming language used by Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Gmail, Slack, Tumblr, Wikipedia
  • PHP Data Objects (PDO) and cURL libraries provide securable, injection-resistant methods to interact with SQL databases, REST APIs, cloud services
  • PHP makes it easier to integrate different technologies without incurring SaaS connector costs, limitations, security concessions, or dependencies
  • PHP is open-source, so zero licensing expense, transaction fees, or subscriptions are required to use and own simple but industrial strength code
  • “Extraordinarily efficient, ridiculously cost-effective.”

    “Simplified, lightness added.”

    “That is way, way, way less complicated. Thank you!"

    Web-enabled desktop or mobile interfaces, simple deployment, minimized dependencies, integrating disparate technologies to build simple or complex data automation solutions.

    Take a look at the examples at the top of the page and e-mail with any questions. Thanks!