Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
Web enabled spreadsheets are JavaScript forms that utilize Microsoft
Excel's calculation engine to provide advanced functionality to HTML forms.
Building complex HTML forms with Excel is much easier than with other technologies.

Because the forms are initially created using Excel many common spreadsheet functions and formulas are available. Calculations, look-ups, conditional formatting and incredibly advanced validation rules can be incorporated as required.
  • forms can be stand-alone or pass data back to processing scripts
  • calculations can utilize over 230 Microsoft Excel 2016 functions
  • tool-tips or hover-text help can be attached to any form element
  • any data submitted can be reloaded into the form for adjustment
No matter how complex the form all proprietary business logic remains safe because forms are encrypted at generation and will only run on a specific designated web site.
Click here to open a jewelry value calculator (requires Chrome, Safari, FireFox or Opera)
Click here to open an example loan payment calculation spreadsheet form