Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
SQL is a standard language for accessing and communicating with databases.
We build SQL forms interfaces that auto-scale for smart-phones or other mobile devices.
These interfaces make it possible for people with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones or other devices to securely connect to, search, and update information in SQL databases.
  • connect to various databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc..)
  • create, read, update, and delete records (with sufficient privileges)
  • search huge record sets instantly using advanced query controls
  • ultra-easy deployment with zero configuration requirements
  • administrate user and group security via web interface
  • optionally utilize SSL encryption to secure communications
  • run from either ASP or PHP equipped web servers 
Information is always viewed in real time and not cached in an off-line copy so there is no requirement to load proprietary applications onto the mobile device and also no need to dock the device to a computer in order to synchronize changes.
These interfaces use the device's web browser, auto-sizing to the screen they are being viewed on so you can optionally use a full-size monitor to search and edit information.
Click here to search an example MySQL database with 1,000,000 contact records