Custom Data Services
Precision Information Processing Utilities
One of the best things about FileMaker Pro is it's excellent integration capabilities.
You can create secure, web-enabled, multi-user utilities which connect to and leverage
ASP, ODBC, PHP, .NET, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SQL, VB, VBA, and/or XML components.
This approach significantly reduces the time and effort required to build custom information processing utilities, particularly those required to supplement legacy systems.
Using a relatively simple application to connect complex and disparate technologies, businesses can quickly design, build, and deploy customized automated processes.
  • importing, relating, optimizing, indexing, and cataloging information
  • manipulating, parsing, repairing, validating, merging, and routing data
  • applying custom business rules, calculations, or conditional updates
  • performing relational look-ups, verifications, replacements, or comparisons
  • aggregating information from different data sources for report generation
  • reformatting or packaging information for export into other systems
  • programmatically generating and executing scripted processes
Take advantage of these flexible integration capabilities to solve problems fast.