Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
Extraction utilities can be scripted to submit data to and read responses from web information resources and can then extract, filter and format the returned information.
While some parsers can scrape simple HTML output, few can be programmed with the high level of specificity that these utilities provide. In addition, a utility can be configured to extract information on timed intervals, making it possible to connect to, query, and filter the results of dynamic, database-generated information.
  • calculated queries can be automatically submitted and responses read
  • connections can be scheduled in order to page dynamic data
  • returned information can be validated, sorted, and re-assembled
  • filtered data can be inserted into FileMaker, Excel, SQL, or XML
Pulling information from different business intelligence sources (web pages, news feeds, product databases, research documents, web services, etc...) by manually searching, copying, and pasting data is tedious, error-prone, and inefficient.
By combining FileMaker's calculation engine and script processor, these scripted data extraction utilities can programmatically compile filtered and sorted information into the exact formats that best suit any specified requirements.