Custom Data Services
Precision Information Management Databases and Scripted Processes
Custom data services help to automate information to advantage.
They are highly adaptive utility database applications that solve problems, typically by scripting communications between databases, spreadsheets, web servers, email and file systems, printers and people. A variety of capabilities are available...
  • web-enabled multi-user databases and processing systems
  • custom clients and web interfaces for SQL databases
  • email utilities for processing messages and attachments
  • parsers for extracting data from documents and web pages
  • script generators for building and running batch processes
  • file system utilities for manipulating files and directories
  • converters for filtering data into different formats
  • encryption utilities for protecting text and documents
Combine these capabilities to solve what are typically expensive data processing problems,
creating exact, working applications very quickly and very resourcefully.
Extremely cost-effective solutions that simplify complex processes, bridge gaps, increase efficiency and intelligently connect people with information.